Cut/Print (2011)

Director : Nathaniel Nose
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Cast : Ken Foree as Detective Jack Stanley, Ele Bardha as Officer Joe, Tamara Frapasella as Actress 4, Adam Robitel as Officer Smith, Angela Chetcuti as Actress #1, Michael Mili as Officer Joe, Gavin Heffernan as Sergeant Franco Smith, Randall Godwin as The Maestro, Aphrodite Nikolovski as Callie Walker, Erik F. Hill as Gary, Briana Nadeau as Reporter, Christian Mathis as Gang Squad 1, Craig Meier as Ron `Turtle` Desanto, Vince Orlando as John Damato, James Ohngren as Paul Shunley, Earl Roesel as Maestro 2, Paradime as Gang Squad 2, Chelsey Fatula as Hooker, Finn Wrisley as Mark Massey, Dave Marchant as Maestro`s Father, Janice Hewitt as Actress #3, Joan Jack as Maestro`s Mother, Bryce Molacek as Young Maestro
Plot : A collection of ambitious filmmakers began form the world`s initially authenticity dread movie. Their plan…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Orlando Entertainment