Suspect (2005)

Release Date : 16 November 2005
Genre : Drama
Run Time : 95 min
Country : Belgium
Directors : Guy Lee Thys, Ivan Boeckmans
Stars : Gene Bervoets, Karlijn Sileghem, Elias Mentzel
Story : Teacher Rob Dekoster is a good man, albeit a bit too frivolous and liberal with funds the local arts center’s interim director. His wife Nelle, who sometimes abuses drugs, spoils his ingrate teenage stepdaughter Sandy, who is kind only to her sweet, mentally handicapped brother, Jimmy Vandevyver. After a class on sexual abuse from feminist teacher Lydia De Beule, Sandy pretends Rob abused her. Lydia, Rob’s ex, eagerly helps her fabricate ‘proof’, which a female police commissioner eagerly believes. A frustrated judge (and father) shamelessly ignores the legal benefit of the doubt, even tricks Rob while in jail. Nelle discovers more then one sick truth.