Oil on Water (2007)

Director : Matthews Pete
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : St. John Alexander as Max, Tyler Bizzell, Greg Bright as Father, Melissa Brouard as Girl at aquarium, Neil Coppen as John, Nadia Geyser as Natalie, Bianca Lishansky as Anna, Liam Magner as Alex, Vanessa Marawa, Elle Matthews as Jackie, Rob Vega as Max`s Inner Voice
Run Time : South Africa:109 min | South Africa:109 min
Filming Locations : KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Country : South Africa
Language : English
A loving teen prolific couple, Max also Anna, meet conscious with inexplicable hitches which tears their relationship apart.
Anna plus Max are a teen productive partners in existence together. Anna is a reporter plus Max is an intriguing plus a trifle screwy artist. Their idyllic relationship starts falling to pieces as soon as Max develops different screwy symptoms. He hears voices plus sees visions which power him to leave bask in neighborhood plus to mistrust Anna. When Anna discovers the give birth to of the hitch it may possibly engagement excessively late.