2 28 (2011)

Director : Benjamin M. Piety
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Drama
Cast : Daniel Taylor as Narrator, Zachary Haas as Boy, Michael Miceli as Dark Figure, Sally Digirolamo as Woman, Peter Fusting as Partner, Nick Afanasiev as Teenage Boy, Rebecca Finer as Bride, Jacqueline Barrett as Teenage Girl, Mark Stelljes as Groom, Alan Ehrlich as Old Man, Aiden Farmer as Baby, Kendra Farmer as Mother, Clint Interiano as Kissing Boy, Shellande Davilus as Kissed Girl, Ricki Bergman as Old Woman
Plot : Based on the blog by Benjamin M Piety, `2 28` is an experimental account that chronicles a man`s initially per annum and HIV…
Run Time : 85 min
Country : USA
Company :