Cowboys and Angels (2000)

Director : Gregory C. Haynes
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Adam Trese as Danny, Mia Kirshner as Candice, Radha Mitchell as Jo Jo, Hamilton von Watts as Karl, Carmen Llywelyn as Dana, Stephen Lisk as Bill, Dane Stevens as Freddy (as Duane Stephens), Alissa Rice as Pamela, Melissa Pace as Amy (as Melissa Pace-Diamond), Charlie Paddock as Danny`s Father, Matt Falcone as Blayne, Jennifer Sanderson as Sammi, David Stevens as Benny (as David Stephens), Rob Diamond as Buddy #1, Justin Zaccaria as Buddy #2 (as Justin Zaccharia), Eugenio A. Cumba as Anthony, Elisabeth Lund as Chelsea, Wendy Webber as Nurse #1, Amy Roi as Neighbor, Tony Thamakis as Father John Kalsels, Will Ferrer as Priest #2, Michael Dean Bates as Priest #3, Luke Reichle as Priest #4, Stacy Lynn Patterson as Sherri, Marie Burrell as Lady, Melinda Haynes as Bride #1, Anthony Stephens as Groom #1, Skyler McCloyn as Boy #1, Jonathan Argotia as Matias, Lindsey Jones as Joelle, Scott Hanks as Travis, Becky Harding as Candice`s Mother, Thom Dillon as Candice`s Father, Barbara Calchera as Joan, Nicholl Hiren as Jane, Tisha Elise Read-Randolph as Helen (as Tisha Elise Read Randolph), Malcolm Sonsire as Groom #2, Melinda Renee as Nurse #2, Fredric Cook as Doctor (as Frederic Cook), Annie Dillon as Little Girl, Trevor Maviano as Best Man, Zoe Robbins as E.R. Nurse, Richard Murken as Bouncer (as Rick Murken), Adam Cardon as Young Lover, Robert Forster as Barbequeman at wedding, Rudy Luna as Groom, Aaron Radl as Frat Boy #1, Crystal Sargent as Wedding Guest, D.L. Walker as Lawyer, Michelle Wright as Wedding Guest
Run Time : USA:97 min
Country : USA
Language : English
A lawyer inside his 30s identified Danny likewise dreams on the theme of becoming a cowboy whilst his fiancée trees him on the eve of their bridal ceremony ceremony…
A lawyer inside his 30s described Danny also dreams close to becoming a cowboy once his fiancée plants him on the eve of their wedding ceremony ceremony. Fortunately, as him, not one, other than two contrasting girls betide on his continuation to obtain her place: the bubbly Jo Jo also the extra traditional Candice. But who will be successful out?