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The Hunt for Johnny Ringo (2014)

Director : Brett Kelly
Genre : Western
Cast : Michael Paré as Sheriff Atherton , Lawrence Evenchick as Bat Masterson , Mike Tarp as Johnny Ringo , Lindsay Gerro as Daisy

The Sun Shines Brightly on Our Gasmasks: Tales from Before the End of the World (2014)

Director : Troy L. Coffee
Genre : Mystery, Western
Cast : Danielle Guldin, Cricket Batz, Charles Cadwallader, Karl Guenther as Justice, Anthony Citara Directed by Troy L. Coffee

The Timber (2014)

Director : Anthony O’Brien
Genre : Drama, Western
Cast : James Ransone, Elisa Lasowski , Mark Caven, William Gaunt, Josh Peck, Alfred Wegeman
Filming Locations

Cowboys & Engines: A Steampunk Westerm (2013)

Genre : Western
Cast : Libby Letlow as Guinevere, Jenifer Ellis as Spyglass, Chase McKenna as Salome, Tye Lombardi as Starboard
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA

Muerte Salvaje (2013)

Director : Joe Morford
Genre : Action, Adventure, Western
Cast : Gen Celle, Mario Lopez, Josephine Hitachi-San, Jana Paula, Scotty B, Mi Yo, Chica Gonzalez, Paul Luciano, Caesar

Sin sangre nunca (2013)

Director : Yerko Espinoza
Genre : Drama, Western
Cast : Yerko Espinoza as Yerks, Laura Buitrago as Cony, Piero Olmedo as Kino
Run Time : 85 min
Country :

Roll the Hard Six (2013)

Genre : Action, Romance, Western
Run Time : 90 min
Country : Canada
Language : English
Charming outlaws Greggor Westwood also his brother, Mourning, species

The Treasure of Garbanzo Pass (2013)

Director : Zachary Moore
Genre : Action, Comedy, Western
Cast : Tina Hartell, Shawn Greer, Connor W. Anderson Directed by Zachary Moore Writing credits Zachary Moore Original

Spindrift: Ghost of the West (2013)

Director : Burke Roberts
Genre : Western
Cast : Kirpatrick Thomas, Henry Evans, Sasha Vallely, James Acton Directed by Burke Roberts Writing credits Henry Evans Burke Roberts

In a Goodly Way (2013)

Director : Matt Hewitt
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Western
Cast : Stephen Heath as Silas the Tinker, Matt Hewitt as D.W. DeGroot, Houdini Jezewski as Feral Child, Tyler Bjarke as