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The Summer of Walter Hacks (2009)

Director : George Woodard
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Family, Western
Cast : Francesca Blanchard as Margaret, Jennifer Blanchard as Ada, Ramona Godfrey as Mrs. Bailey, John

Meaner Than Hell (2009)

Director : Edward M. Erdelac
Genre : Western
Cast : Alex Bakalarz as The Soldier, Jared Cohn as Jakob `Picaro Gonnoff` Baumberger (as Jared Michaels), Thomas Crnkovich as Lucas

The Western Dark (2009)

Director : Patrick Ryan
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Western
Cast : Cailla O`Shea as Alexis August, Tommy Fitzgerald as Jesse Callahan, Sadhbh McCarthy as Amy Lovelace, Patrick Ryan

The Promised Land (2009)

Director : Phillip D. Williams
Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Western
Cast : Phillip D. Williams as Nate, David J. Williams as Joe, Kevin Threlkeld as Andy, Michael Waggener as

The Hunter`s Moon (2009)

Director : Stephen Savage
Genre : Western
Cast : Wes Studi as Cherokee Jack, Conor O`Farrell as Pat Garrett, Stefan Gierasch as The Sage, Michael Rider as The Undertaker, Austin

Saddle Up with Dick Wrangler & Injun Joe (2009)

Director : Todd Wolfe
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Western
Cast : Tony Devon as Dick Wrangler, Peter Defeo as Injun Joe, Mickey Rooney as Owen Blumenkrantz, Brian Dean as Chuck, Mark

The Bastard Men of Root Flats (2009)

Director : Marco Chierichella
Genre : Action, Drama, Western
Cast : Cameron Mayo as Bradley Davis Zack Abramowitz as Mr. Hammer, Gene Canfield as General Tiers, Rocco

The Unknowing (2009)

Director : Randall Yarbrough
Genre : Drama, Family, Western
Cast : Will Allen as Congressman, Alex Baker as Rixion, Julie Ballew as Saundra`s Mother, Bob Bassen as Pugilist #3,

The Taste of Relation (2009)

Director : Mukesh Asopa
Genre : Drama, Family, Mystery, Romance, Western
Cast : Mukesh Asopa as Raj Mittal, Kamal Nandi as Ramswaroop Mittal, Aruna Bhatnagar as Yashoda Maa,

Outlaw Justice (2009)

Director : Aaron Kreltszheim
Genre : Action, Western
Cast : Christopher Dempsey as Hollaway, Chris Ranney as Ford T. O`Shannessy, Edward Khmara as Marshal Bruce Hudspeth,