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Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story (2014)

Director : Eric Stacey
Format : Crime, Drama, News
Minute : 83 min
Cinema Locations : Portland, Oregon, USA
Country : USA
Film Lang :

The Principle (2014)

Director : Katheryne Thomas
Format : News, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Minute : 90 min
Cinema Locations : Eurasia.
Country : USA
Film Lang : English

Sportsman: Trophy (2014)

Director : Sascha Hughes-Caley
Format : News, Sport
Minute : 12 min
Cinema Locations : Eurasia.
Country : USA
Film Lang : English

Portrait: Woman in White Dress – Interview of Curator (2014)

Director : Juwon Lee
Format : News, Western
Minute : 5 min
Cinema Locations : Eurasia.
Country : USA
Film Lang : English
Interview plus

The Madness Within (2015)

Director : Hunter G. Williams
Format : Comedy, Drama, News, Romance
Minute : 95.
Cinema Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA

The Bob & Angus Show (2013)

Genre : Comedy, News
Cast : Stacey Gordon as Claire O`Brien, Drew Kallen as Angus McPeters, Dean Steeves as Bob MacWordell
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA

Whistleblowers: The Untold Stories (2013)

Genre : Crime, News, Reality-TV
Cast : Brittany Murphy as Herself, Julia Davis as Herself – Former Customs and Border Protection Officer / prevailing Whistleblower, BJ Davis as

Live from the Red Carpet: The 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards (2012)

Genre : News
Cast : Ryan Seacrest as Himself – Host, Giuliana Rancic as Herself – Host Directed by Fred Mendes Alan Wu (red carpet arrivals) Writing credits Big Boy Medlin Eddie

Seven Africans (2012)

Director : Tes Noah Asfaw
Genre : Drama, News
Cast : Edmund Dehn as Anthony, Gunter Würger as Hans, Tova Leigh as Alison, Andrew Alston as Interviewer, Matt Warman as Gagan

Dream Center Disney Area with Paul Benjamin and Ishah Wright (2012)

Genre : Biography, Family, News
Cast : Paul Benjamin as Himself (2012), Laurah Guillén as Herself Directed by Laurah Guillén (as Ishah Wright) Paul Benjamin (2012) Writing credits Laurah