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I Killed Santa (2013)

Director : Dick Jane
Genre : Drama, Horror
Cast : Matt Bingham as Twinky, Riley Werder as Sam, Camille Werder as Jenny, Devin Werder as Polly, John Castilone as Master Mickey

Afterimages (2013)

Director : Tony Kern
Genre : Horror
Cast : Mike Kasem as Harrison, Olivia Stiefel as Cameron, Jeremy Meyer as Derek Tor, Vincent Tee as Hok Leng, Sheena Chan as Celina, Caren

Legend (2013)

Director : Wayne W. Whited
Genre : Horror
Cast : David Michael Plowman as Corporal Jacob Barnett, Blaine Moore as Private James Barnett, Angela Manning as Cassandra Howell,

Nocturne Six (2013)

Director : Charlton Jacob Jacques
Genre : Horror
Cast : Nathaniel Jack as Blue Guardian / Simon Cross, Jasmine Boyd as Green Guardian / Veronica Heller, Nathan Witte as Brown

Tales of the Supernatural: Naked (2013)

Director : Steven M. Smith
Genre : Horror
Cast : Jon-Paul Gates as Dr. Smith, Juliet Lundholm as Lucy, James Horsman as Peter
Run Time : (min.) 90

Sadik 2 (2013)

Director : Robin Entreinger
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Cast : Guillaume Levil as Marco, Guillaume Moiton as Antoine, Guillaume Gamand as Franck, Léon Vitale as Al, Mathieu Coniglio

The Addicted (2013)

Director : Sean J. Vincent
Genre : Horror
Cast : Jenny Gayner as Nicole Hunter, Sean J. Vincent as Adam, Thea Knight as Liz, Dan Peters as Mike, Paul Cooper as David / Ghost,

Pet Peeve (2013)

Director : Toshikazu Nagae
Genre : Horror
Cast : Kanji Tsuda, Anna Ishibashi, Shimako Iwai, Kenta Suga, Kôdai Asaka Directed by Toshikazu Nagae Writing creditsMasaaki Nakayama

Traumatic Possession 3D: The Tape (2013)

Director : Orlando Eastwood
Genre : Horror
Cast : Jamie Boggs as Brother #2, Orlando Eastwood as Simon Lange, Sidney Flannery as Screaming Girl, Stephen McKinney as Brother #1,

Nankam Pirai (2013)

Director : Vinayan
Genre : Horror
Cast : Thilakan as Stranger Shradha Das as Taara, Monal Gajjar as Meena, Nasser, Prabhu, Sudheer Sukumaran as Roy Thomas / Count Dracula