Takers (2010)

Director : John Luessenhop
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Cast : Chris Brown as Jesse Attica, Hayden Christensen as A.J., Matt Dillon as Jack Welles, Michael Ealy as Jake Attica, Idris Elba as Gordon Cozier, Steve Harris as Lt. Carver, T.I. as Dalonte` Rivers / Ghost (as Tip `T.I`. Harris), Jay Hernandez as Eddie Hatcher, Zoe Saldana as Lilly, Johnathon Schaech as Scott, Paul Walker as John Rahway, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Naomi Cozier, Gaius Charles as Max, Gideon Emery as Sergei, Zulay Henao as Monica Hatcher, Glynn Turman as Chief Detective Duncan, Nicholas Turturro as Franco Dalia, Isa Briones as Sunday Welles, Andrei Runtso as Constatine, Vladimir Tevlovski as Ethan, Tim Sitarz as Russian #1, Harrison S. Miller as Eddie, Jr. (as Harrison Miller), Karl Knuth as Scott`s Bodyguard, Conrade Gamble as Haitian Thug, Jermaine Holt as Dealer #2, Martin Shuler as Prison Guard, Kelvin Brown as Security Guard #1, Danny Epper as Bank Guard #1, Bobby McLaughlin as Bank Guard #2, Nancy Wetzel as Chopper News 14 Reporter, Andrew Fiscella as Security Chief, Juna Kim as Asian Girl #1, Natasha Ellie as African American Girl, Will McFadden as Haitian`s Lawyer, Daniel Stevens as Slick, Troy Brenna as Sweatpants, Gino Anthony Pesi as Paulie, Jr., Mike Wood as Police Tech, Terrell Lee as Parole Officer, Noelle Smith as Officer of the Day, Lanny Joon as Vice Cop, Roger Stoneburner as Wasted Junkie, Erik Stabenau as Armed Driver #1, James C. Lewis as Armed Driver #2 (as Jim Lewis), Matthew Taylor as Armed Guard #1 (as Matt Taylor), Marcus Young as Armed Guard #2, Jimmy N. Roberts as Guard #3 (as Jimmy Roberts), Dustin Meier as Guard #4, Benito Martinez as Officer in Charge (as James Martinez), Laura-Shay Griffin as Receptionist (as Laura Shay Griffin), Ashleigh Falls as Frumpy Bank Teller, JoAnna Rhambo as Woman in Underwear at Gordon`s, Bryan Ross as Officer #4, Nathan Bell as Cop in a Hole, Joe DiGiandomenico as TV News Reporter #1, Craig Susser as TV News Reporter #2, Ben Skorstad as 2nd News Helicopter Pilot, Gokor Chivichyan as Russian #2, Roman Mitichyan as Russian #3, Vladimir Orlov as Russian #4, Bradley Jensen as News 14 Chopper Pilot (as Brad Jensen), Michael Duisenberg as News Reporter Channel 8, Christopher `Critter` Antonucci as News 14 Camera Crew, John Meier as Police Officer Jesse Chase #1, Scott Wilder as Police Officer Jesse Chase #2, Trevor Donovan as Rahway Body Double, Patrick Stickland as Doorman, Mike Smith as Russian #5, Paul Stephen Hubbard as Internal Affairs Officer, Jerald Garner as Building Security, Krystal Harris as Hostess at VIP club, David Hill as Bank Concierge, Trae Ireland as Mercury, Karina Michel as Shopper, Elsa Morales Myers as Pedestrian, Dale Pavinski as LAPD Sergeant, Matthew Skomo as Police Officer, Nancy Young as Bank Customer
Plot : A range of row robbers appraise their multi-million dollar financial financial statement barged in by a hard-boiled detective.
Run Time : USA:107 min
Country : USA
Company : Screen Gems