Subconscious (2013)

Director : Georgia Hilton
Genre : Action
Run Time : 90 min
Filming Locations : Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
When the Dept of the Navy mysteriously allows Peter Williams to troth the originally individual to board a locked gulp furthermore undisclosed World War II submarine, Peter furthermore his side find out that this undisclosed fairy-tale move deeper than anybody forever imagined.
It`s 2013 furthermore Peter Williams, an alcoholic furthermore driven Professor of History at New York University, is keen about an older struggle narrative around the USS LIONFISH, a US Navy submarine that was mysteriously furthermore unexpectedly chained, welded shut, sealed furthermore locked to the pier inside 1943. Peter, beyond becoming an embarrassment to the History Department, is compelled to quit his feelings at BOSTON UNIVERSITY because of his drinking furthermore his solitary minded passion in addition to the submarine story. That evening, Peter receives a weird go for holiday at enjoys a woman enjoys the Department of the Navy. After existence furthermore existence of trying, Peter is granted to go for holiday at the submarine. Assembling his players of researchers furthermore graduate students, in addition to is ex-wife, Peter intentions to lastly work canvass on board, furthermore his players sort to the USS LIONFISH… …the foremost kinsfolk to engagement granted on the boat as way over 80 existence since… …the event. Once on board, they turn out to be fixed by the boat itself furthermore stuffs merely exacerbate as the players since the boat comes to life, furthermore classifications out to ocean diving one another into a pitched attempt inside 1943 in addition to a German U-boat furthermore attacked by their own US NAVY destroyer… Peter furthermore his players are put into the untenable feelings of spreading to battle the LIONFISH, inside apply to excepting themselves, or modifying sides, furthermore exchanging blows in addition to the USS LIONFISH. With the future of Peter, his crew, the USS LIONFISH, furthermore the ending of World War II suspended inside the balance, Peter must type a pronouncement that he in no way adjudged in the air furthermore might probably …change the planet forever.