Monthly Archives: July 2011

Grimm (2011)

Genre : Thriller
Cast : Louis Herthum, James DuMont as Daniels
Plot : A spy roadways a killer who families his horrifying murders succeeding Grimms` fairy tales.

Lizard Boy (2011)

Director : Paul Della Pelle
Genre : Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Cast : Pete Punito as Gino, Damon Gregory as Hoffmeyer, Steven Zeigler as Carlo, Mark Strano as Frankie,

De force (2011)

Director : Frank Henry
Genre : Action
Cast : Isabelle Adjani as Commissaire Damico, Eric Cantona as Manuel Makarov, Anne Consigny as Procureure Danielle Canetti, Simon Abkarian

Showstopper (2011)

Director : Myke Michaels
Genre : Mystery
Cast : Steven Bauer as Detective Vinnie Randall, Jennifer Day as Sheera, Jeff Manabat as Colin Silver, Diane Gonzales as Gabrielle

Combat Girls (2011)

Director : David Wnendt
Genre : Drama
Cast : Alina Levshin as Marisa, Jella Haase as Svenja, Gerdy Zint as Sandro, Lukas Steltner as Markus, Winnie Böwe as Andrea, Uwe Preuss

What Could Have Been (2011)

Director : Shea Wageman
Genre : Drama
Cast : Kelly McGillis as Catherine, Joely Collins as Catharine, Shannon Powell as Jackie, Connor Christopher Levins as Sammy, Ivan

Ohne Gnade (2011)

Director : Birgit Stein
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Jürgen Prochnow as Dr. Helmut Rossbach, Gedeon Burkhard as Ronzo, Jan Fedder as Tatoo-Adler, Tom Gerhardt as Wurst-Willi, Helge

The Return (2011)

Director : Hernan Jimenez
Genre : Drama
Cast : Bárbara Jimenez as Amanda, Hernan Jimenez as Antonio, Monserrat Montero Cole as Sofia, Hernan Jimenez as Antonio, Fernando

Leila (2011)

Director : Lesley Manning
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Cast : Chloë Annett as Leila, Lee Boardman as Paul, Dorothy Duffy as Susy, Orlando Seale as Andy, David Balfour as Martin

Surviving Me (2011)

Director : Leah Yananton
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Mira Furlan as Jacqueline Slateman, Vincent Piazza as Jimmy, Fredric Lehne as Professor Slateman, Dennis Hill as Tom,