Recon 7 Down (2007)

Director : William Cheney
Genre : War
Cast : Dirk Benedict as Tom Myers, Mike Konik as Tom Myers, Chris Becker as Bob sanders, James Stover as Hensel, Jasen Tucker as SS officer, Alexandra Jones as Nurse Brown, Jeremy Hill as Patterson, Geoff Eyers as German pilot, Jana Barros as Daughter, Dave Becker as British officer, Eike Becker as German private, Jason Cleary as Birtish officer, Bob Harrington as First Airbone Germen Sargent, Will Erving as German private, Bonnie Harrington as Inga, Rob Talbot as, Peter Ward as British officer knowlton, William Smith as Aircore private, Veronica Marca Simmons as Wac, Ronz as Vonstoken, Robert Russell as SS private, Tracy Redington as English Lady, Avin Morgan as Jewish prisoner, Tracy Redding as Engish woman, Brandon Pitt as Prisoner, Pat Herrington as Mrs. Sanders, William Cheney as LT. Cheney, James Dowling as British Man Mick Barber as Fritz Burnsize, Charles Walters as sergeant Hue Hampton
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Kalispell, Montana, USA
Country : USA | UK
Language : English
In 1943, in addition to the Allied powers inside a stalemate opposition the German forces inside Italy, in addition to the Red Army not attaining reason on the Eastern front…
In 1943, and the Allied powers inside a stalemate critical the German forces inside Italy, with the Red Army not earning cause on the Eastern front, British Intelligence, beside the U.S. O.S.S devise a undisclosed ordeal to entice German troops far from the Eastern front. This helps the Red Army help cause critical Germany. British Intelligence get three experimental Russian "Yaks" that are to troth flown by American pilots delight in the 7th Army Air Corps. The confidential ordeal is to take to the air across the English Channel to do reconnaissance with to strafe German troops. This entices Rommell to communiqué Hitler soliciting for reinforcements delight in the Russian front, accepting with the Red Army with British with American forces are near to invade the beaches of Calais. During this operation, point Tom Meyers, with his spotter, Bob Sanders, are scene sip in the back of opponent lines.