Missing Jane (2004)

Director : Jason Tisch
Genre : War
Cast : Josh Berresford as Archie, Greg Damjanovic as Addison, Harry Frazee III as Rollin, Shaun Cameron Hall as Francis (as Shaun Hall), Erica Highberg as Jane, Larry Mihlon as Karl, Eric Pitchford as Capt. Thompson, George J. Rutherford as Preston, Jonathan R. Skocik as Co-Pilot (as John Skocik), Josh Spiegel as Idaho, Brian Steinmiller as Walt, Andrew Tisch as Orville
Run Time : USA:100 min
Filming Locations : Long Island, New York, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Set in the course of World War II, Missing Jane is the chronicle of Gordon Idaho, a B-17 bomber hi fi operator, who…
Set at several the arena in World War II, Missing Jane is the account of Gordon Idaho, a B-17 bomber radio set operator, who is shove inside also another crew as their radio set operator is annihilate way over the skies of Europe inside the chill of 1943. The crew of the Jane Doe is a challenging array to hold inside also along with on their originally ordeal together, the bomber gets view gulp along with crashes inside the German countryside. The surviving members of the crew obtain protection inside an alone farm home where they war to bawl the elements, themselves along with the anticipation of personality captured by the Nazis. Idaho rapidly discovers that the home consist of a sinister mystery-one that he is indomitable to solve. Will Idaho certify the secrets of the past? Will the crew carry on in the rear of rival lines?

Missing Jane (2004)
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