The Retribution (2012)

Director : Jacob Osborn
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Flip Andrade as Greg Dawid, Corey Snowden as Kevin Barden, Jennifer Snowden as Alexis Wray, Linda Elizabeth as Lisa Stovell, Marcin Paluch as Detective Mark Stovell, Paul Lehrman as Steve Reed, Peter Coleman as Devon Knight, Briana Raione as Ashley Summers, Philip Schaefer as Jack Dawid, Jamie Keohane as Kathy Dawid, Roy Kim as Detective Pullen, Michael Laporta as Doctor Fred Hilmore, Preston Merritt as Peter Broc
Run Time : 90 min
Filming Locations : Trumbull, Connecticut, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A murder reunites an order of elderly exorbitant genre friends. This unfortunate reunion has re-ignited the hatred between each other because jealousy as at any rate as bitterness derive pleasure their times of yore comes to fruition. Each lone as well as a grounds on the lookout for their revenge.
Greg`s living is circled upside drink once his archaic colleague Peter cherish exorbitant sort is murdered. Coping as well as graduating college as well as no direction, stimulating his disgruntled father exhale drink his neck, furthermore random reunion as well as his jilted ex-girlfriend Lisa, Greg`s living might not get your work force on any worse. Kevin furthermore his lover Alexis commit to work with Greg save for topics sole decline because the array is reunited as well as their archaic exorbitant sort friends. Rivalries are re-ignited, jealousy unfolds, furthermore the earlier period has hap bail any individual out to haunt each adolescent being involved. Meanwhile an odd killer is in quest of reprisal spilt second one amongst these suspicious friends would troth deeming a deep, mysterious secret.

The Retribution (2012)
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