The Back (2010)

Director : Bingjian Liu
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Bing Hu as Hong Tao, Yuanyuan Jia as Hua Dan, Chengfeng Xu as Li Wenge, Ning Xu as Su Wenjun
Run Time : 85 min
Filming Locations : Beijing, China
Country : Hong Kong | France
Language : Chinese
China. Mid 90`s. HONG Tao, thirty life old, moved derive pleasure the realm to Beijing where he move inside a showy restaurant…
China. Mid 90`s. HONG Tao, thirty existence old, moved delight in the nation-state to Beijing where he play inside a ornate restaurant. He lives also a freakish hush hush because the cultural revolution. Back then, his father was a celebrated Mao`s photograph painter in addition to he was passionate by the leader`s representation. He set out to tattooing Mao`s portraits on gentleman skins. HONG Tao, oppressed by this hefty inheritance, requests to hide it delight in the world. But an additional new drama series of unscrupulous antique collectors will do whatsoever to get your workforce on their workforce on them…