Sleeping Dogs (2012)

Director : Floris Ramaekers
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Jon Campling as Roy, Candis Nergaard as Didi, Liberty Mills as Eve, Simon Killick as Tommy, Chrissie White as Kathryn, Jude Servina as Patrick, Iva Nikolova as Elene, Keval Joshi as Shopkeeper, Rachel Hayes as Barmaid, George Lister as Henchman 2, Damian Le Bas as Henchman, James Humpherys as Danny, David L. Rooney as David
Run Time : 85 min (approx.)
Country : UK
Language : English
A infobahn of deceit, betrayal, furthermore the crucial trial of devotion.
London. Eve spends her years warm-heartedness for the motive that her virtually vegetative fiance Tommy sec stressed to style ends meet. Tommy`s main trust of convalescence is a deep-seated fresh treatment, however it`s expensive. Running out of time, Eve turns to Tommy`s old-time friends for the motive that help. Little pulls off she familiar with that journeying into Tommy`s badly lit times of yore will resolve a train of deceit that will exhibit the final assessment of her devotion.

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
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