Paranoia (2012/III)

Director : Bivas Biswas
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Kathleen M. Anzaldua as New Year`s Party Guest, Greg Bronson as Homeless Man #1, Gino Calabro as Motel Clerk, Keanan Casey as Paramedic #2, Michael Cooley as Party Guest, Megan Dawson as Nurse, Shane Dean as Mark, Leeann Dearing as Pregnant Party Guest, Travis Engler as Hit Man, Travis Engler as Hitman, Melissa Farley as Pregnant Bookstore Patron, Steve Furedy as Drunk Man #3, Gene Ganssle as Dr. Manwell, Anne Gentry as Judy, Pat Giglio as Office worker / Party Guest, Meryl Griesedieck as Drunk Party Girl, Jeff Houkal as Store Owner, Vincent Igneri as Drunk Guy, Kathy Blaze Jefferson as Party Guest, Tomas Johansson as Office Employee, Kanksha as Rachel, Stephen Kessen as Bookstore Customer, Honda King as Psychiatric patient, Rita Kurtz as Jess, Sarah Lovell as Hostess, Steve Marmon as Peter, Rudy Martinez as Drunk Man #2, Tre Mosby as Police Officer, Zulema Nall as Guest at New Years Party, Dawn Nixon as Party Guest, Cian Patrick O`Dowd as Party Guest, Randy Oppenheimer as Alaina`s Attorney, Rory Pierce as Homeless Man #2, James Ray as Ben, Will Roberts as Bartender, Gloria Jean Robertson as Alexandria, John Schile as Judge, Cavin Gray Schneider as Jason, Tiffany Shepis as Sherry, Matthew E. Smith as Police Officer, Daniel Spalding as Paramedic #1, Katherine Stewart as Alaina, Ann Stryker as Party Guest, Raj Suri as Prosecuting Attorney, Yong Tak as Lab Tech, Shari Watts as Alaina`s Mother, Morgan White as Corrine, Jeanette Hatlestad as Party Guest
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
Paranoia is a classic whodunit. An ambitious detective, Ben (James Ray) investigates the murder of his wife`s paramount friend`s wife (Shane Dean)…
Paranoia is a classic whodunit. An ambitious detective, Ben (James Ray) investigates the murder of his wife`s top friend`s partner (Shane Dean). His wife`s top friend, Alaina (Katherine Stewart) holds the chief to the conundrum other than she tries plus realism in addition to imagination. Her complication is took close to by experimental remedies take amusing in her infertility psychotherapy program. Horror cry queen Tiffany Shepis plays the detective`s wife. USA, color, 87 minutes.

Paranoia (2012/III)
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