Liar`s Dice (2009)

Director : Robert Valentine
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Robert Machemer as Arly Brugh, Annabel Wright as Lilly Conover, Sasha Paul as Evelyn Conover-Brugh, Daniel Leaver as Mystery Man, Nimesha Patel as Mystery Man`s Date, Jack Bowman as Steve, Anna Rylance as Debs, Robert Valentine as Carlo
Plot : Arly Brugh is motivating a hard-core responsibility and his wife’s persuasive female relative Lilly. But whatever starts out for a romantic evening at Lilly’s London flat presently becomes a critical attempt of brain as soon as she accuses him of murder.
Run Time : UK:89 min (approx.)
Country : UK
Company : Callow Hill Pictures

Liar`s Dice (2009)
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