I`ll Be There with You (2006)

Director : Akihiro Kitamura
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Akihiro Kitamura as Aki, Adarsha Benjamin as Annie, Daniel Baldwin as Constantine, Michelle Lawrence as Kirsten, Christopher Estes as John, Elisabeth Donaldson as Jill, Daisuke Yabuchi as Yabu, Chris Mirosevic as Steven, James Lyons as Jimmy (as Jimmy Lyons), Dotan Baer as Wallace, Mickey Breitenstein as Duey, Lionel Yearwood as Lionel, Eric Davis as Eric, Alexander Fazel as Bartender, Derek Takeuchi as Guru, Gabe Estrada as Guy in the Trunk, Danielle Simone as Girl with Steven, Tim Furlong as Jackson Lee, Scott Breitenstein as Police Officer, David Joyner as Sherrif, Jackson Lee as Radio Announcer, Kenny Morrison as Officer Benjamin
Plot : I’ll troth there in addition to you’ explores the complexities of fondness inside both its most dashing along with darkest corners since an out of the ordinary collection of behaviours countenance critical consequences.
Run Time : USA:92 min
Country : USA
Company : Kalpar Pictures

I`ll Be There with You (2006)
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