Deviant (2014/I)

Director : Ct VanHoose
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Lorin Dineen as Jade Carroll, Drew Siegler as Smith Lynch, Joey Grossmann as Chase Miller, Rosie Rodriguez as Sara Lawson, Bill Nally as Jim Miller, Andrew Myers as Drew Hawkins, Jacob Tellijohn as Party Guy #1, Mary Wojcik as Nina Miller, Krystal Wallbaum as Julie Garrison, Dj Rupert as Clay Thomas Directed by Ct VanHoose Ct VanHoose  Dj Rupert as. producer Ct VanHoose as. executive producer Cinematography by Sajin Reyan Reza Country:USALanguage:English
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
"Deviant" is a gloomy furthermore dramatic yarn that chronicles the subsistence of a infantile mature person nearing to terminology as well as who he actually is furthermore anything he actually desires inside life…