Closure (2010/I)

Director : Marcin Teodoru
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Victor Browne as Robert, Stephani Drapeau as Natalie Baint, Marc Raymond as Lawrence, Kevin Sizemore as Matt West, Chip Bent as Liam, Ariana Warren as Tammy Goodwin, Jacob Baeza as Speed, Prince Bagdasarian as Police Officer, Flynn Beck as Patricia, L. Michael Burt as Marvin, Christina Collard as Christina Goodwin, Daniel Josev as Crony, Iris Karina as Mrs. Baint, Sam Puefua as Groony, Grace Renn as Amber, M.B.A. Shakoor as Banker, Elizabeth Wachsberg as Waitress, Marsha Warren as Liam`s Girl
Plot : The anecdote centers with commenting to Robert, along furthermore the muck inside with of Lawrence plus Natalie, since he aims to resolve who has execute his mate plus child…
Run Time : USA:95 min
Country : USA
Company : Circle Films

Closure (2010/I)
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