Nydenion (2010)

Director : Jack Moik
Genre : Sci-Fi
Cast : Andreas Arens as Mechanic, Caspar Arnhold as Crusader Pilot Demon 9, Michael Arnold as Tank Driver, Mirjam Barner as Ramona Salazar, Björn Bechstein as Crusader Pilot Demon 6, Boris Belkine as Klim Tarok, Birgit Blaufuß as Controller Repulse 1, Rafaela Bonato as Delta Shuttle Pilot #1, Christina Dal Canton as Controller Repulse #2, Stephanie Dal Canton as Lydia Preston, Sung Hyung Cho as Pilot Tracer 3, Kolja Christowszick as Tracer 6 Adcalmahr, Michael Clemens as Nydenion Soldier 1, Thorsten Cloos as Landing Officer Tucana, Mark Dauth as Faulkner, Matthias Döring as Crusader Pilot Demon 3, Ralf Erkel as Barkeeper, Alexandra Feldmann as Controller 2, Manuel Francescon as Tucana Deck Lieutenant, Maja Fuchs as Controller Repulse 2, Michael Gerhard as Captain Freeman, Stefan Gerhard as Pilot #2 Adcalmahr, Benjamin Goetzky as Daniel Saunders, Manuela Goetzky as Controller Repulse #1, Raphael Goetzky as Ltn. Cabaretti, Marcus Grebe as Cal Tyler, Magdalena Gsell as Controller Adcalmahr #3, Jan Hank as Controller 1, Andreas Haun as Pilot Tracer Leader, Christoph Heislitz as Crusader Pilot Demon 7, Thorsten Held as Soldier 5, Rainer Herbel as Pilot Tracer 4, Pascal Hofman as Nydenion Soldier 4, Jens Hoppe as Tracer Leader Adcalmahr, Florian Israd as Delta Shuttle Navigator, Siegerd Kaude as Soldier 1, Nik Kenez as Crusader Pilot Demon 4, Matthias Kleis as Ltn. Van Zan, Michael Klug as Pilot Tracer 5, Fabian Koester as Pvt. Morgan Cole, Andreas Konzack as Mitchell, Marcos Koutelas as Nathan Gallagher, Sylvie Kristan as Adcalmahr Traffic Controller, Maja Kunzelmann as Crusader Pilot Demon 5, Frank Landwehrmann as Crusader Pilot Blue 2, Jan Lehman as Soldier Sommander, Axel Loh as Francis Deacon, Artur Malassa as Officer, Karmelita Malic as Controller Spearhead, Benedict Marewski as Soldier 3, Axel Mertes as Harry Gibbons, Jack Moik as Rick Walker, Matze Paar as Controller Adcalmahr #1, Alexander Panz as Ltn. Esteban, Markus Priemer as Nydenion Soldier 2, Thorsten Richter as Pilot #1 Adcalmahr, Hank Rozema as Archibald Downby, Bjoern Schaenzer as Soldier 2, Alexander Scherer as Pilot 1, Mario Schmack as Pilot Tracer 7, Pascale Tamara Schmadtke as Controller 4, Annette Schmiedel as Cynthia Perkins, Marc Schubert as Crusader Pilot Demon 8, Oliver Spilling as Delta Shuttle Pilot #2, Ralf Stegmann as Commander Prytadis, Liane Steinke as Pilot Tracer 8, Joana Strickland as Controller 3, Robert Tubis as Controller Adcalmahr #2, Richard van Weyden as Senator Cowley, Robert Vogel as Hypergate Controller, Frank Vogt as Station Commander, Jochen Walter as Nydenion Soldier 3, Jörg Wegmann as Crusader Pilot Demon 2, Thomas Will as Soldier 4, Anikke Wittko as Female Android
Run Time : Germany:89 min
Filming Locations : Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
Country : Germany
Language : German
Over the passage of centuries the too soon colonies suffer evolved into vast empires, fighting given that supremacy…
Over the way of centuries the timely colonies undergo evolved into large empires, struggling with given that supremacy. In the concluding 57 years, the loss toll has risen to the billions. Rick Walker, earlier fighter steer turned around let down freelance flyer is hired to ship a fiddly grown-up to the web content of a covert tranquility negotiation. Cynthia Perkins claims to troth a really unusual ambassador who was phoned upon inside secrecy to carry the delay negotiations work with on track. On their way, Walker as anyhow as Perkins are ambushed by a rank of take on combatants as anyhow as are compelled to catastrophe domicile on a distant universe phoned Nydenion. Their wont to the tranquility negotiations becomes a contest opposition long period of time as anyhow as an adversary that appears to proceed loves the classes of their own military, an adversary that Walker knows everything excessively well.
Over the passage of centuries the too soon colonies go through evolved into sturdy empires, struggling with as supremacy. In the closing 75 years, the decease toll has risen to the billions. Rick Walker, earlier fighter usher turned around upset freelance flyer is hired to transfer a fiddly man to the website of a undisclosed harmony negotiation. Cynthia Perkins claims to engagement a really unique ambassador who was notified upon inside secrecy to transport the stonewalling negotiations second on track. On their way, Walker with Perkins are ambushed by a section of wrestle opponents with are obligated to disaster abode on an overseas universe notified Nydenion. Their routine to the harmony negotiations becomes a dispute hostile span with an foe that looks to ensue bask in the genres of their own military, an foe that Walker knows the entirety overly well.