Idõugrók 2 – Alternatív jelen (2012)

Director : Esses Tamás
Genre : Sci-Fi
Cast : Szabó Antal as Tóni, Bolla Attila as Attila, Harczi Bence as Bence, Esses Judit as Kate, Hajgató Lázár as Júdás, Németh Roland as Roland, Tokodi Sándor as Vladimir, Esses Tamás as Tamás, Németh Tünde as Tündi, Bencsik Zoltán as Wladis, Véber Zoltán as Zoli, Harczi Ákos as Zeon
Run Time : 62 min
Country : Hungary
Language : Hungarian
After the foremost episode, our imperative hero, Tamás is merged plus the 3 long fashion away shifter rings along with at present shifts between offer (2011) along with the making progress (2022)…
After the initially episode, our focal hero, Tamás is merged also the 3 term shifter rings plus at the present shifts between give (2011) plus the in the wind (2022), till he is wedged inside an replacement present. Here he land conscious at recognize two different term shifters, Kate, who might bring to a close time, plus Zeon who summons dinosaurs to eradicate the present. Meanwhile inside the dismal future, Zoli plus Vladimir has to congregate again, to bring to a close the wraiths, also the bale somebody out of Wladis, who got twist of both the rings plus the wraiths.

Idõugrók 2 – Alternatív jelen (2012)
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