Send Me an Angel (2003)

Director : Nir Ne`eman
Genre : Romance
Cast : Yechiel Elkabetz as Ron, Asi Cogan as Sahar, Hofesh Shechter as Eran, Jonathan Rozen as Kiosk Worker, Yaron Ashkenazi as Adi, Eyal Rob as Video store worker, Keren Peretz as Girl in a video store, Bath Sheva Grabelski as Mom, Isabelle Strovice as Aunt
Run Time : Israel:48 min | USA:45 min
Country : Israel
Language : Hebrew
Ron a handsome Israeli gay lady wishes a kiss on his birthday. When he strives to capture it savours Sahar, a gorgeous blonde hustler inside a black leather jacket issues don`t depart moderately for planned.
Someday we`ll look on it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers with me." Send Me An Angel is a photograph of 24 hours inside the survival of Ronny, a desperate romantic who spends his 30th wedding anniversary yearning given that tenderness inside everything the ill-timed places. Ronny is likewise carrying a torch given that his ex-boyfriend, who extinguishes any leftover embers of anticipate while he shows unsleeping to proclaim he is pouring to America to engagement along furthermore his latest lover. When Ronny locales an commercial on a dialogue queue yearning given that masculine "army-types", a blond, twink hustler found out Sahar replies his call. Sahar doesn`t to a certain extent contest the profile Ronny was yearning given that with he kicks him out of his stable without therefore a lot of for cab fare home. Fate intervenes with the two come upon self later on inside the evening at an outdoor fume where an acquaintance of Sahar endeavors to scratchy unsleeping Ronny more than their previously misadventure. The odd man out partners dissipate the evening peripatetic the roads in concert with Sahar just the once all more than again lands up on Ronny`s doorstep. What follows is an exhaustive data about forethought into the hearts of two people, each along furthermore their own spiritual scars, for they accept drink their guard, attain recognize self with receive an occasion on love. Ultimately, Send Me An Angel is near to providing set off of ancient times savours with of the preconceptions of who the after solitary can be.

Send Me an Angel (2003)
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