Catch of a Lifetime (2012)

Director : Ben Klopfenstein
Genre : Romance
Cast : Julia Denton as Elaine Chalmers, Matthew Ashford as Billy Joe Crawley, Corinne Broskette as Gran, Nick G. Miller as Steven Harding Gabriel Casiano as Doctor in Hospital, Dean Travis Clarke as Mr. Newkirk, Amanda D`Amico as Stephanie, Maria Geisel as Nurse Lisa, Jordan Klein Jr. as Reverend Powers, Arlene Klein as Nurse Kelly, Elle Klein as Waitress, Rossi Klein as Elaine Chalmers – 13 years old, Michael Miller as Allen, Harry Neumann as Gramps, John Roman as Henry, John Salamone as Sam, Adriana Santos as Susannah, Dick Westlake as Pops, Brandey Williamson as Belle, Twinkle Schascle Yochim as Mrs. Lingstrom
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Belleview, Florida, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Elaine Rose Chalmers has the exact made life. The host of her own Austin, Texas wireless program…
Elaine Rose Chalmers has the right methodized life. The host of her own Austin, Texas hi fi program, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Planning" spends her years advising callers on how charts, lists, also graphs may possibly insure a peaceful, unbeaten vitality also no matter what end result they may possibly expect. But, no matter what she doesn`t anticipate is the end product of only precisely disorganized evening bail any person out domestic inside the petty town of McIntosh, Florida. It appears that only up-to-date "very solid to bear in mind evening" also Billy Joe Crawley, her costly make sweetheart, has transformed a partners of stuffs on Elaine`s list. And now… she`s abruptly expecting! A child hadn`t designed her 2-year plan; she`d just about outlined it inside accountable the 5-yr aim sheet. And a one-night podium also a adolescence buddy hadn`t closely been on her to-do list, either! Join Elaine, Billy Joe also a host of city individuals also bouquet of okay olé southern folk because we behold how they agitate the only mania we the entirety acquaint with is certain inside this vitality – change! Now it appears that because Elaine Rose Chalmers, host of Austin`s #1 hi fi W Indian reach "Charmed also Chalmers", an spontanepous pregnancy forces her to find out that at times the paramount financial financial statement is not making an inspiration at all.

Catch of a Lifetime (2012)
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