Un-Human (2010)

Director : Devon Gidley
Genre : Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast : Dan Kroon as Alex Mack, Mckenzie Coffee as Emma Jace, Anya Pearson as Miranda, Jon Farley as Jason Jace, Brian Allard as Drake, Michael Adams as Henchman – Michael, Jeremiah Benjamin as Bain, Kim Bogus as Hooker, Angela Bolanos as Metro Clerk, Rani Lightle as Barista, Devon Gidley as Drug Dealer / Blind Thief, Thomas Shrout as Donovan, Jeffery Weir as Big Boss Meghan Daaboul as Cheyenne, Jane Furman as Sophia Jace, Sarah Rugado as Emily Jace
Run Time : 93 min | USA:72 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Mack (Dan Kroon) a personal secret agent given that criminals takes out on a work to look on a wave of beads given that law-abiding citizen Sophia Jace (Jane Furman)…
Mack (Dan Kroon) a intimate secret agent for the ground that criminals gets rid of on a vocation to rate a Roman Catholic Church rosary for the ground that law-abiding citizen Sophia Jace (Jane Furman). First problem. It`s just about the neck of a tricky little person of mature age (McKenzie Coffee). Second problem. The gal is inside problem also sundry dreadful guys. Third problem. She is different. Last problem. Mack can`t catch run off without spotting the truth.

Un-Human (2010)
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