This Corrosion (2003)

Director : Mitch McCabe
Genre : Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast : Elisabeth Seljevold as Farrah, Julie Finch as Old Woman, Hobey Echlin as Troy, Beatrice Scheyler as Eve, Mark Chamberlain as Sonny, Cynthia DeMoss as Monica, Beth Tapper as Rita, Robert Coelius as Bo, Miho Inoue as Unagi, Serenity Thomson as Jules, Rohan Quine as Axel
Run Time : 75 min
Filming Locations : Clinton, New Jersey, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
It is the Winter Solstice, plus Farrah Klement was let loose enjoys the sanitarium three existence ago given that her birthday…
It is the Winter Solstice, as in any case as Farrah Klement was unfettered derive pleasure the sanitarium three time ago as her birthday. She marks the period by surging off her meds as in any case as forcing upstate to have a middle of the night on the tiles her bicentennial the similar manner she has once a year because expensive school– along furthermore a packed Solstice moon overhead as in any case as a pagan bonfire along furthermore her rotate of aging small-town friends. But this bicentennial is different. Farrah has got conscious to the let one’s hair down along furthermore an awkward lady inside a wheelchair, along furthermore no facts of who this mute lady is or where she got back from. While we lurch backwards as in any case as forwards inside long manner away across Farrah`s emotional trajectory, her ne`er do in any case friends not bring to a halt until along furthermore the night`s debauchery, as in any case as Farrah begins to tie united the unrelated pieces of the metaphysical puzzle– a ringing cubicle phone, a radical battle along furthermore her sister, an betiding supervise car– sole to resolve a homogenous darker riddle.

This Corrosion (2003)
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