I`m Not Harry Jenson. (2009)

Director : James Napier Robertson
Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Gareth Reeves as Stanley, Jinny Lee Story as Marissa, Marshall Napier as Tom, Ian Mune as Bill, Ilona Rodgers as Margaret, Renato Bartolomei as Colby, Cameron Rhodes as Rick, Tom Hern as Kevin, Rachel Blampied as Anna, Ben Mitchell as Jon, Michelle Langstone as Natalee, James Napier Robertson as Interviewer
Run Time : 106 min
Filming Locations : Auckland, New Zealand
Country : New Zealand
Language : English
A precise misdemeanor novelist, obsessed on his hottest essay plus encouraged he is behind his mind, removes a touch off to the woodland to recover, then again lands up plus a beau traveler numb plus blood on his hands.
Stanley Merse has murder incessantly on his mind. A grungy correct misdemeanor novelist, he finds himself regularly plagued along furthermore nightmares furthermore harsh fantasies regarding his work, above all the theme of his most up-to-date novel, Harry Jenson. In an endeavor to convalesce his sanity, Stan move on an overseas glide deep inside the New Zealand forest, along furthermore an order of variegated puzzling trampers. But as soon as he wakes wakeful on the initially daybreak to think of one in every of his moving celebrate dead, Stanley finds himself trapped inside a true continuation scenario that is far away excessively appreciate one in every of his own plan lines. With blood on his hands, furthermore his delusional nightmares out of control, Stanley is faced along furthermore the precisely true prospect that this chronicle may well inside the total story troth reality, only which he at the moment has to try out furthermore stock secret. Shot virtually altogether hostile the spectacular backdrop of New Zealand`s native rain forests, I`m Not Harry Jenson is an idea provoking murder brainteaser that crescendos to a finale filled with amaze furthermore intrigue.