Graves End (2005)

Director : James Marlowe
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Cast : Eric Roberts as Tarkington Alexander Graves / Tag, Steven Williams as Paul Rickman, Daniel Roebuck as Sheriff Hooper, Valerie Mikita as Krissi Graves, Fairly Tull as Maudy, Edward Perotti as Doc, Sky Soleil as Billy, Nick Stellate as Luke Devilyn, Anthony Santucci as Tedesco, Joe Wyka as Mark, Adam Del Rio as Brian, Geno Carvalho as Terry, Durand Ford as Telephone Repair Worker, Shawny Hoops as Amanda, Dave Heintzelman as FBI Agent, Kevin Larson as FBI Agent, Rafael Meng as FBI Agent, Sal Munoz as FBI Agent, George E. Pike Jr. as FBI Agent, Julio Garcia as SWAT Team, Francis Hamada as SWAT Team Member / Police Officer, Jeff M. Wilson as SWAT Team, Kathleen Anzalone as Emergency Medical Technician, Nestor Alves as Emergency Medical Technician, Danton Mew as Police Officer, Scott Hilquist as Police Officer, Matthew Shuster as Police Officer, Peggy Pendergrast as TV Reporters, Scott Asnault as TV Reporters, Dawson Daniels Jr. as Philip Graves, Brook Worrell as Philip Graves, Armine Barekian as Philip Graves, Sandra Johnson as Demonstrator Interviewers, Anthony R. Guerrero as Demonstrator Interviewers, Rick Askew as Arvin “Ed” Farnsworth
Plot : When group turns their oblige on reformed felons, the town of Graves End welcomes one another except once the ex-cons disappear, FBI originator Paul Rickman comes hunting given that one another furthermore discovers to a higher degree he expected.
Run Time : USA:90 min
Country : USA
Company : Graves End