Wolfpeople (2009)

Director : Daryl Hemmerich
Genre : Horror
Cast : Val Tasso as Johnny, Sheryl Chambers as Nikki, Nick Vlassopoulos as Billy, Cassie Jaye as Desiree, Matthew Herington as Vic, Danielle De Luca as Melissa, Christina Rosenberg as Maya Dustin Anderson as Wolfpeople, Kendra Barksdale as Teenage Girl in RV, Scott Barksdale as Deputy, Justin Baxter as Wolfpeople, Mark Berry as Deputy, Duane Black as Deputy, Randall Bramblee as Wolfpeople, Anthony Cook as Wolfpeople, Joseph Cuberos as Wolfpeople, Derek Davidson as Wolfpeople, Aaron Dutson as Wolfpeople, Pamela Sue Gendro as Wolfpeople, Brittany Gingerich as Megan, Joel Gregoire as Wolfpeople, Joy Harris as Waitress #2, Jeremiah Hatch as Wolfpeople, Daryl Hemmerich as Sheriff, Stephen Higgens as EMT, Jessica Laney as Wolfpeople, Olivia McCoy as Giftshop Clerk, Fred Munson as Cook #2, Jesse Nash as Wolfpeople, Kathryn O`Connor as Kathryn, Tamara O`Connor as Reporter, Amber Parnow as Giftshop Clerk, Lance Pearson as Bret, Beezer Ruen as Wolfpeople, Jesse Taylor as Wolfpeople, Christopher Wiley as Cook, Bill Yotter as Deputy
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Clark Fork, Idaho, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Six college grads skip into an RV with rank into the Idaho mountains, they undergo no hints that it`s reaching to troth the final retreat of their lives…
Six college grads fly into an RV along with classification into the Idaho mountains, they taste no instruction that it`s progressing to engagement the preceding break of their lives. Warned concerning the legendary Wolf People in addition to miscelanneous violent canine tendencies, the students without difficulty disregard the warnings since a tourist be a magnet for along with not terminate until on their oddity deeper along with deeper into the woods where they submit to the more horrifying hour of darkness of their lives while they in the end bump into the legendary demonic Wolf People.

Wolfpeople (2009)
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