The Fear Chamber (2009)

Director : Kevin Carraway
Genre : Horror
Cast : Richard Tyson as Teddy, Rhett Giles as Nick Ferguson, Steven Williams as Captain Bradley, Miranda Kwok as Kathryn, John Duerler as Dr. Youngblood, Nikki Norris as Wendy, Todd Rexx as Derek, George Tovar as Surgeon, Keesha Smith as Nancy, Meg Cionni as Emily, Greg Markles as Teddy Nichols, William Waters as Med Student, Natalie Burn as Tina (as Natalia Guslistaya) Bianca Barnett as Ghost Woman (as Bianca Evans), April Marie Eden as Maria, Joseph Gatto as Bar Thug, David Alan Graf as Teddy McPherson, James Hausman as Bartender, Paul Lauden as Detective Jenkins, Matthew Mead as Friend #4, Natasha Noel as Bar Maid, Kehli O`Byrne as Dr. Albright, Kurt Olerud as Swat Guy #1, John Rogers as Friend #2, Lawrence Sara as Friend #1, Cheney Shapiro as Sarah, Lamar Thomas as Detective, Lemarr Thomas
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Huntington Beach, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Troubled emissary Nick Ferguson has a nearing terminal run-in along furthermore ferocious arrangement killer Teddy, who`s been…
Troubled spy Nick Ferguson has a falling deadly run-in plus violent succession killer Teddy, who`s been making someone’s blood run cold Los Angeles by murdering small persons of mature age as at any rate as eliminating their organs. After acquiring another sensitivity as at any rate as recouping inside the hospital, Ferguson continues his neurotic look for because Teddy. However, Ferguson has at the moment arrived at psychic abilities that enable him to undergo terrible visions of Teddy`s those who are for they`re human being bothered as at any rate as murdered.