Sylance 3D (2013)

Genre : Horror, Thriller
Cast : Mark Edward Howell as Laurel, James Lee as Dillon, Andrea Anya Krickovic as Laura, Terry Johnson as Jake, Lindsay Norman as Cindy, Bubba Joe as Travis Lee, Brandon Ross as Billy Sylance, Skai Dabney as Bonnie Ray Sylance, Cooper Dodson as Chester, Major Dodson as Jasper, Seth Lee as Dakota Sylance, Addison Hunter as Punk Sylance, Melody Brooke as Polly, Robert Slaughter as Moonshine, Houston Ries as Tweeter Sylance, Chris Wilson as Cash Sylance, Brandon Parks as Cooter Sylance, Karen Milich as Pea Sylance, Larry Jack Dotson as Emory Sylance, Robert Johnson as Sheriff Bobby Jay Walker III, Kelsey Walton as Emma, Eric Zettina as Jud Sylance, Seer Max as Bitsy, Terry Johnson as Jake, Christian Barejas as David Byers, Paulie Kilgore as Daphne Sylance, Addison Hunter as Punk, Michael Murray as Tommy Joe Sylance, Brandon Ross as Billy Sylance, James Lee as Dillon, Travis Lee as Bubba, Austin Barejas as Tanner Byers, Chris Wilson as Cash Sylance, Robert Slaughter as Moonshine, Justin Bersterman as Tate Sylance
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Tawakoni Lake, Wills Point, Texas, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A spine-chilling preacher woman has brainwashed his town into agreeing with that God desires each other to eradicate to pay since the sins of the town.