Sibling Rivalry (2009)

Director : Margo Romero
Genre : Horror
Cast : Scott Alonzo as Tim Marshall, Eileen Dietz as Mrs. Peters, Courtney Gains as The Stranger, Michael Ireland as Otis Johnson, Jade Kelley as Camille Stockman, Sky Kelley as Ariana Stockman, Wendy Kelley as Emily Stockman, Promise LaMarco as Matty Concklin, Jessica McCabe as Becky Johnson, Edward E. Romero as Office Eddie Banks, Margo Romero as Brenda St.Claire, Peter Kyle Sandulescu as Chad Armour (as Kyle Sandulescu), Paul Taegel as James Stockman, Christopher Thwaites as Robbie Haven
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
In the practice of Italian fear derive pleasure the 1960s, Sibling Rivalry is a dim narrative of secrets, lies furthermore masked killers flow amok…
In the belief of Italian fright relishes the 1960s, Sibling Rivalry is a mysterious yarn of secrets, lies in addition to masked killers surge amok, sec as well retaining a logic of humor. Camille, 15, in addition to her female relative Ariana, 12, come back to their quiet summer house on the isle of Victoria, where a each year earlier, their mamma dyed-in-the-wool suicide. Their father, James Stockman, producer of a recognized TV installments Memoirs of a Teenage Necromancer, guarantees that the jaunt is first-class analysis because one another all. Shortly beyond arriving, Stockman is made conversation with lend a (helping) hand to to Los Angles on `business` leaving behind the girls house alone. In defiance, the girls heave a have a party also a number of local teens. That`s as soon as the amusing begins. As the body think rises, multiple masked killers surface, in addition to horrific sort secrets are revealed.

Sibling Rivalry (2009)
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