Roulette (2005)

Genre : Horror, Thriller
Cast : David Blair as Scott, Jasmine John as Camille, Angela Millhone as Amy, Adam Pitman as Paul, Peter Riggs as Pete, Cheryl Schmidt as Bathroom Girl, Adam Stilwell as Troy
Run Time : USA:104 min
Filming Locations : North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
The motion picture, Roulette, is a emotional thriller just about five temperaments who hire inside a harmful sport of Russian Roulette…
The motion picture, Roulette, is a spiritual thriller just about five dispositions who employ inside a terminal sport of Russian Roulette. The dispositions are: Pete, a badly lit cynic curious inside the metaphysical; Paul, an aberrant with nerdy youngster along furthermore an infatuation along furthermore planes with struggling to accommodate in; Amy, distraught succeeding determining her boyfriend has departed her; Troy, a womanizing Hollywood cliché; with Scott, an effeminate resolute to show his machismo. After the inevitable kicking of the bucket of one amongst the players, terrorize leads to trepidation since they devise an idea to shelter wakeful the kicking of the bucket since a suicide lest they implicate each other inside murder or troth suspected since accessories to the act. Exactly only every year later, the guilt-ridden survivors gauge each other stalked by their deadened friend`s vengeful spirit.

Roulette (2005)
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