Ghost Child (2013)

Director : Gilbert Chan
Genre : Horror
Cast : Ming Bridges as Shirley, Hanwei Chen as Choon, Cecilia Heng as Grandmother, Vanessa Lee as Tiffany, Jonathan Lim as Internet Clairvoyant, Naomi Neo as Naomi, Russell Ong as Troy, Carmen Soo as Na, Vincent Tee as Lim, Jayley Woo as Kim
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Singapore
Country : Singapore
Language : Chinese
Struggling to draw close to expressions plus the demise of her mother, Kim all at once has to handle an added mommy inside her life…
Struggling to near to vocabulary as well as the loss of her mother, Kim swiftly has to wear down an extra mommy inside her life. Choon, Kim`s father, brings marital a ithyphallic man lone daylight hours in addition to declares his resolution to marry her. A parts of puzzling in addition to macabre time looming to transpire at the head marital beyond their return. Could it troth the resentful vigor of Choon`s without sensation helpmate that has near serve to come up her letdowns at human being replaced? Or is there something additional sinister? What unravels is a anecdote of appalling evil that threatens to exterminate the family. What deep, shadowy hush hush is Na, Choon`s fresh wife, hiding delight in them? Can Kim back up unless her head delight in finish destruction?

Ghost Child (2013)
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