Found (2012/III)

Director : Scott Schirmer
Genre : Horror
Cast : Gavin Brown as Marty, Ethan Philbeck as Steve, Phyllis Munro as Mom, Louie Lawless as Dad, Alex Kogin as David, Andy Alphonse as Pastor Don, Shane Beasley as `Headless` Killer, Angela Denton as Charlotte in `Deep Dwellers` / First Victim in `Headless`, Kitsie Duncan as Trevor`s Mom, Kate Braun as Ms Thomas, Edward Jackson as Marcus, Adrian Cox-Thurmond as Trevor, Brigid Macaulay as 2nd Victim in `Headless`, Dane Irwin as Levi, Christopher Hunt as Rodney in `Deep Dwellers`, Austin Rawlins as Andy, Russell McGee as Theater usher, Todd Rigney as Hank, Nathan Erdel as Back Room Video Shopper, Izabella Brown-Sparks as Hilary, David DeMoss as George, Brandon Howell as Randy, Traci Ford Howell as Teacher #2, Amy Stout as Screaming Woman at Park Zoe Adams as Hilary`s Friend #1, Dylan Campbell as David`s Friend #1, Arthur Cullipher as Creature from `Deep Dwellers` / Cop #2 in `Headless`, Jenn Handy as `Headless` Victim in Waiting #3, Nick Irmscher as David`s Friend #2, Kalissa Mullis as `Headless` Victim in Waiting #1, Tori Sanders as Hilary`s Friend #2, Leya Taylor as `Headless` Victim in Waiting #2, Mary White as `Headless` Victim in Waiting #4
Run Time : 103 min
Filming Locations : Fishers, Indiana, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A horror-obsessed boy discovers his more experienced blood brother is an installment killer.
Based on the fresh by Todd Rigney, "Found" centers with make a remark to Marty, a shy, bullied fifth-grader who removes shelter inside fright films… in anticipation of his being alive turns into one. After spotting an individual

Found (2012/III)
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