Forever Dead (2007)

Director : Christine Parker
Genre : Horror
Cast : Bill Mulligan as Adam Dumas / Fake Jeff Shemp 2 / Running Feet 3, Libby Lynn as Tracy Dick, Jessie Walley as Mary Lupus, Ryan Williams as Teddy Schwartzenneger, Brian Chippewa as Todd Scout, Jaqueline Martini as Alice – Lab Assistant, Liesl Owle as Eve Lupus / Zombie Mom, Patrick Loree as Jeff Lupus, Andy Miller as Andy / Zombie Andy, Edward Warner as Ed / Zombie Ed, Wayne Bates as David Kitoris, Chris Graham as Chris Long, Robin Duff as Realtor / Zombie Realtor, Shonna Okada as Emma Dumas, Darrell Parker as Stranger Attacked by Zombie, Chubs as Live Bugs, Puppet Rabbit as Zombified Bugs Joe Abramo as Kamikaze Army Guy, Martin Aikens as Ribcage Zombie, Zack Aikens as Little Boy Zombie, Matt Bartush as Disemboweled Victim, Amanda Barzdins as Brain Splattered Zombie with Bad Teeth, Brandon Black as Victim 1, Angel Blankenship as Victim Pulled from Car / Shot Zombie 2, Pat Blankenship as Victim in Explorer, William Blankenship as Shot Zombie 1, Andrew S. Borg as Zombie in Yellow Ball Cap, Allan Boyle as Zombie Attacking Army Guy, Stephanie Briles as Poindexter Zombie, Paul Cardullo as Shambling Striped Shirt Zombie, Chad Chadleigh as Bearded Zombie – Shot by Cop, Ashley Cotten as Nurse Zombie, Richard Dobbs as Radio Evangelist, Sean Doe as Wink Mart Clerk, Chris Drzewicki-Collins as Eyeball Zombie, Chris Duty as Zombie with Messed Up Jaw, Mina Edgerton as Zombie in Black / Shot Zombie 2, Zachary Edgerton as Deputy Do Right, Chris Ewing as Gunshot Zombie 3, Shawn Fischer as Other Guy with Gun, Heather Fisher as Arm Gashed Zombie, Nick Flickinger as Zombie 1, Michael D. Goodwin as Camper / Screaming Victim 2, Rocky Heyson as Child Camper / Zombie Child, Laura Holliman as Woman on Crutches, Scott Howard as Zombie Attacking Adam, Chris Huff as Camper with Evil Dead Hoodie, Jonathan Hunt as Guy Getting Spine Ripped Out, Aryanna Jones as Zombie Pony Tail Girl, Mike Jones as Camp Leader / Zombie in Plaid, Jason Kellogg as Zombie 4, Howard Landon as AAA! Wink Mart Shopper / Camper / Guy Getting Tongue Ripped Out, Danijela Lazarevic as Victim Hanging Out of Car / Zombie, Justin Lewis as Zombie 3, Sharon Marcussen as Janet from Second Death, Ashley McBreyer as Screaming Victim 1, Angela McHargue as Blonde Zombie in Rain, Michelle McMurray as Screaming Camper / Zombie, Amie Miller as Gut Eating Zombie 2, Steve Miller as Gutted Victim, Anthony Newman as Camper Victim in Red / Zombie, Cassity Norris as Tongue Eating Zombie, Ronald Oakes as Button Down Zombie, Joe Oliver as Neck Gashed Zombie, Conrad Osborne as Victim / Zombie Attacking Army Guy, James Owle as Fake Jeff Shemp 1 / Zombie Attacking Campers / Zombie Attacking Realtor, Cory Palumbo as Zombie1, Christine Parker as Running Feet 1, Allison Payne as Zombie Attacking Camp Leader, Daniel Pleasant as Zombie 2, Elsie Ramsey as Mom Camper with child, Alan Rueda as Zombie 2, Joan Schuermeyer as Teeth Zombie, John Sperry as Zombie 5, Matt Tucker as Cop with Rifle, Jane Turner as Zombie 3, Janey Turner as Little Girl Zombie, Keith Turner as Zombie 6, Brad Vaughn as Tall Skinny Black Zombie, Alan Williams as Zombie with Gash on Forehead, Michael Williams as Green Adidas Victim Being Eaten, Emily Brown Wilson as Gut Eating Zombie 3, Lance Wilson as Gut Eating Zombie 1, Jessie Wolmack as Raw Faced Zombie, Craig Ziegler as Zombie 4
Run Time : USA:100 min
Filming Locations : Sanford, North Carolina, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A crazed rabbit attacks the people of a little community, whirling its population into zombies. Six masses fight as well as their own inner demons, different of which are further formidable to than the zombies they are aiming to survive.

Forever Dead (2007)
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