Forbidden Woods (2010)

Director : Bill Johnson
Genre : Horror
Cast : Jeramy Blackford as Kent, Brittany Madelynn Daniels as Cadence, Scott Gerbacia as Brett, Vickie Hannah as Nurse, Maureen MacDonald as Tracy, Robert Priester as Mack, David Reynolds as Officer Greystone, Kate Sanford as Psychiatrist, Robert Sewell as Ghost Kid, Jessie Smith as Ghost Kid, Macy Smith as Ghost Child, Andrew Walters as Young Kent, Wade Wood as Ghost Kid
Run Time : USA:78 min
Country : USA
Language : English
When five friends started because a have a gaga time inside an additional town, they are faced plus fear while their motor vehicle breaks drink inside a rural locality inside the numb of winter…
When five friends started out because a go on a bender inside an extra town, they are faced in addition to anxiety once their motorized vehicle breaks gulp inside a rural quarter inside the without sensation of winter. Frozen in addition to frightened, they rummage around safe haven inside an without a comrade inside the world camp deep inside the woods. As one amongst one another runs engaged in addition to they are obligated to look into deeper into the camp, they little by little realize that this was the shot of an unsolved mountain murder fifteen life earlier. As the effort the subject in addition to them they directly ascertain they are not the sole miserable campers…

Forbidden Woods (2010)
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