For Christ`s Sake (2010/II)

Director : Dustin Hubbard
Genre : Horror
Cast : Debbie Rochon as Dr. Serena Vance, Michael Kenneth Fahr as Graham Vance, Nicola Fiore as Kelsey Vance, Jesse Kozel as The Clone of Christ, Dustin Hubbard as Dr. Gabriel Kirby, Troy Howard as Max Grace, Stephen Brevig as John Stark, Joel D. Wynkoop as Father Jeremiah Carmichael, Peter Stickles as Pete Browning, Monique Dupree as Jackie Angel, Sam Peterson as Det. Emery Johnston, Jack Waterloo as Det. Kris Neal, Katy Ellis as Nurse Victoria, Jason Liquori as Mr. Band, M. Catherine Holseybrook as Eliza Grace, Lloyd Kaufman as Father Jude Fromm, Chris Felton as Principal Timothy Summerfield, Frankie LaPace as Nolan Spectre, Matt Nelson as Art Student, Bradley Klosterman as Art Student
Run Time : 100 min
Filming Locations : Orlando, Florida, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Once a awe-inspiring establishment dedicated to experimentation in addition to discovery, The Carmichael Institute For…
Once a breathtaking establishment devoted to experimentation also discovery, The Carmichael Institute For Scientific Advancement at the present stands inside disrepair also economic ruin. That hasn`t stopped a duo of driven scientists also their well-to-do benefactors even though savours spearheading a cap secret, genetic cloning try via a question of centuries-old gentleman DNA. Tensions arrival also affairs fall in for these dyed-in-the-wool technicians treat each other offense deep inside the deliverance of their own misdeeds. The subject matter is slack also therefore begins a nervous fight as subsistence opposed to a assignment that cannot troth controlled, off-set opposed to the emergence of an extra range of adolescent mortals who suffer however closer shackles to one amongst the scientists than the peer she`s called for with. Who, if any, will possess the purity solicit to live on the hour of darkness for the charges of one`s own wickedness may possibly wind up costing one another their especially souls.

For Christ`s Sake (2010/II)
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