Flick (2008)

Director : David Howard
Genre : Horror
Cast : Hugh O`Conor as Johnny `Flick` Taylor, Ricci Harnett as Young Creeper Martin, Esme Coles as Ticket Booth Mistress, Hayley Angel Wardle as Young Sally, Dominic Doughty as Young Tony Ray, Kerrie Hayes as Young Sue, Katherine Judkins as Young Rita, Gary Shepheard as Young Archie Mason, Rhys Parry Jones as Dockside Official, Bill Smith as Night Watchman, Liz Smith as Ma, Faye Dunaway as Lt. McKenzie, Mark Benton as Sgt. Miller, Boyd Clack as Sgt. Goldie, Anna Karen as Rita Ray, Geoffrey Hughes as Tony Ray, John Woodvine as Dr. Nickel, Margaret John as Mrs. Charles, Julia Foster as Sally Martin, Michelle Ryan as Sandra Martin, Terence Rigby as Creeper Martin, David Morris as Father Carmichael, Duane Henry as Mark Jackson, Kirsten Jones as Ticket Booth Mistress, Sara Harris Davies as Diane The Strumpet, Brian Hibbard as Archie Mason, Mossie Smith as Bev, Kim McGarrity as Young McKenzie, Richard Hawley as Bobby Blade, David A. Bowen as Dock Worker
Plot : Memphis cop Lieutenant McKenzie is contacted inside to study a chain of eccentric deaths in addition to more odd sightings…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : UK
Company : Arts Council of Wales

Flick (2008)
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