Exorcism (2011)

Director : Lance Patrick
Genre : Horror
Cast : Alex Rendall as Rob, Aisling Knight as Ash, Rick Alancroft as Phil, Sarah Akehurst as Jo, Elise Harris as Kate, Craig Daniels as Mike, Terry Felix as Terry, Lee Akehurst as Chris, Chloe de Burgh as Tammy, Dita Pesek as Rachel, Simon Mathews as David, Robert Descartes as Bob, Tommy Carey as Craig, Kerry Holland as Carli, Mike Bracewell as Richard
Plot : In 1963 a little grown man was possessed by a demon claiming to engagement the Devil, a local priest was want to know by the girl’s mum to operate an Exorcism…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : UK
Company : Innovate Films

Exorcism (2011)
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