Dead Men Walking (2005)

Director : Peter Mervis
Genre : Horror
Cast : Bay Bruner as Samantha Beckett, Griff Furst as Johnny (as Brick Firestone), Chriss Anglin as Sweeny, Bobby James as Warden Mahler, Brandon Stacy as Travis, James Ferris as Jenkins, Scott Carson as Dr. Goring, Charles Schneider as Reverend, Deadlee as Caesar, Lazzarus Gomez as Drake, Raul Perez as Spooky, Spencer Jones as Warwick, David Shick as Cole, Roman Vigdorov as Keith, Berna Roberts as Betty (as Bernadette Perez), Leigh Scott as Guard, Derek Riley as Sniper, Peter Mervis as Officer Enio, Kurt Altschwager as Officer Lebowski (as Kurt Altshwager), Marie Mitchell as Visiting Mother, Alyssa Freyder as Visiting Girl, Landyn Frye as Visiting Boy, Steven Zieglermeyer as Andy, Danny James as Barker, Jonathon Downs as Broadway Bobby, Bobby Mort as Chompy, Dan Holmes as Dan, Fernando Luis as Fernie, Mesindo Pompa as Hector, Ken Waters as Marco Hutchinson (as Ken VerCammen), T.J. Johnson as Marcus, Tad Atkinson as `Mouse` McCoy, Giovanni Bejarano as Nasty, Erik Meyar as Redman, Peter Flores as Seth, Christopher DeMaci as Sigmund Zwyden / Zombie, Amanda Barton as Travis` Girlfriend (as Amanda E. Barton), Brandon Brush as Guard, Joel C. Cox as Guard, Mark Andrew Smeaton as Guard, Dylan Venneman as Guard, Abraham Baltazar as Zombie, Alex Berdon as Zombie, David Bray as Zombie, James Bridges as Zombie, Richard G. Calderon as Zombie (as Richard Calderon), George Capacete as Zombie, Peter Chemelewski as Zombie, Chris Cotterman as Zombie, Jessamine Errey as Zombie, Jill Ethen as Zombie, Thomas Fagan as Zombie, Steven Fish as Zombie, Adrian Franquez as Zombie, Brian J. Garland as Zombie, J. Gray as Zombie, Konstantin Grigoriou as Zombie, Scott Ivers as Zombie (as Scott R. Ivers), Justin Jones as Zombie, Aaron Juntunen as Zombie, Ryan Kiefer as Zombie, Clyde Kim as Zombie Extra, Adrian Koehler as Zombie, Kurtis Lee as Zombie, Clifton Martin as Zombie, Lawrence Mayer as Zombie, Corey Murman as Zombie, Jarrod D. Poner as Zombie, Willaim Emil Samland III as Zombie, David Saucedo as Zombie, James Saucedo as Zombie, Ariel Sciupac as Zombie, Eric Spudic as Zombie, Robert William Vega as Zombie, Jaron White as Zombie, David Michael Yohe as Zombie, Gabriel Zamora as Zombie, Rafael Zamora as Zombie, Justin Zangerle as Zombie, Clint Zoccoli as Zombie, Daniel Byington as Zombie, Thomas Downey as Remmick, Scott Evans as Zombie
Plot : After killing four men inside his household along furthermore a shotgun, Dee Travis claims that he suffered out of the blue ingested…
Run Time : 82 min
Country : USA
Company : Asylum Home Entertainment, The