Darkness Waits (2009)

Director : Marc Trottier
Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Marc Trottier as Cody, Stefan Pommepuy as John / Dylan frost, Marc James Beauchamp as Clay, Sacha Pommepuy as Isaak, Randy Thomas as Johnny, Morgan Kelly as Jesse, Maria Bertrand as Tiffany, Annie Julian as Kaya, Shawn Baichoo as Strip poker guy, Caprice as Strip poker girl #1, Youri Pommepuy as Pizza Delivery Guy / Party Guest, Patrick Sabongui as Doctor / Cop #1, Mike Dopud as Cop #2, Marie-Marguerite Sabongui as Nurse, Clint Carleton as Paramedic
Run Time : 75 min
Filming Locations : Pincourt, Québec, Canada
Country : Canada
Language : English
At a lonely summer house, a section of youth are stalked by a killer who escaped like the local spiritual institution.
Alone inside the woods, a make of kids are stalked by a killer who escaped loves the psychological belief at Tremor Lake. After the appalling events, Cody is compelled to deplete a per annum inside the institute himself. Upon his release, he revenue to the isolated summer quarters where the murders carried place, along with is haunted by the rememberings of the nighttime whilst his chronic nightmare began. A celebrate is thrown to have a nighttime on the tiles his get back to civilization, along with as his parents are away, the college adolescents are absolve to flood extreme along with find into trouble. Just since Cody thinks his living is redeeming to normal, the masses bordering to him commence to mysteriously disappear. The race is on to establish who is sound because the killings, nonetheless it may engagement excessively late… Or perchance Cody should gander indoors himself to judge the truth.

Darkness Waits (2009)
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