Caustic Zombies (2011)

Director : Johnny Daggers
Genre : Horror
Cast : Aleesha Asper as Survivor, Greg Wainwright as Survivor, Jake Hursh as Survivor, Melanie Stone as Caged zombie, Chad Hammitt as Zombie hunter Patrick Bedont as Zombie, Morgen Beninghoff as Radioactive zombie, Joshua D. Bowers as Containment officer, Callie Catastrophe as Street punk girlfriend, Lisa Cochran as Zombie, Brian Crosby as Zombie, Rebecca Cyr as Police officer, Johnny Daggers as Street punk, Tara Daggers as Quarantined civilian, Shawn Dando as House zombie, Ann Davis-Gluyas as Worm head zombie, Shaun Davis-Gluyas as One-legged zombie, Anna Dominick as House mother, Gina Dominick as Radioactive zombie, Mario Dominick as Containment officer, Matt Eames as Hacker, Mark Fleming as Containment officer, Christine Foster as Horseback rider, Tim Gross as Cornfield zombie, George Jacobs as Farmer zombie and priest zombie, Brandon Leech as Husband of pregnant woman, Stephanie Leech as Pregnant woman, Nick Miller as Zombie, Julianne Rauch as News reporter, Nate Sam as Zombie, Jessica Schmeltz as Horseback rider, Sharon Seng as Quarantined civilian, Chris Shevlin as Cameraman, Matt Shoup as Containment officer, Mike Shoup as Containment officer, Jeremy Steele as Locust zombie, Kiara Stefanik as Radioactive zombie, Tonya Stefanik as Radioactive zombie, Jeremy Szekely as Military official, John Z. as Military personnel
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Clarksburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A terror motion picture inside which populace of a tiny town must go on a zombie fight stemming derive pleasure the Three Mile Island accident.