Born (2007/I)

Director : Richard Friedman
Genre : Horror
Cast : Joan Severance as Dr. Sammael, Alison Brie as Mary Elizabeth, Kane Hodder as Asmodeus / Cardinal, Denise Crosby as Catherine, James T. Callahan as Albert Martino (as James Callahan), Eddie Velez as Father Anthony, Alex D`Lerma as Father Nick, Vince Lozano as Ivan, Azalea Davila as Jennifer, Rick McCallum as Trucker, Jorg Sirtl as Lars, Roger Hewlett as Doorman, Julie Costello as Twin, Shawnie Costello as Twin, Mike Muscat as Bum
Plot : Mary Elizabeth play to bed by myself only night, as well a 21 every year aged virgin, as at any rate as wakes wide awake the subsequently morning…
Run Time : USA:107 min | Germany:105 min | USA:118 min | Canada:107 min (Ontario)
Country : USA
Company : Devil`s Child Picture Company