Book of 1000 Deaths (2012)

Genre : Horror, Thriller
Cast : Desiree Elyda as Jasmine (as Desiree-Elyda Villalobos), Shavsha Israel as Chloe, Kelly Dolan as Misti, Misti Dawn as Lila, Kevin Brophy as Mr. Newton, Manon Cooper as Mrs. Newton, Paul Howard as James, Jack Basil as Vince, Stevie White as Mick, Nadia Lanfranconi as Karen, Jensen Jimerson as Scott (as Jay Jimerson), Serena Lorien as Bloody Mary, Angie Slate as Monica Olivia Alexander as Darla – Girl #4, Devyn Ashley as Shannon, Reyna Joy Banks as Kristy – Girl #5, Alexandra Blackbird as Jasmine`s Mom, Rachel Caridee as Shannon, Kenneth Diesel as Marcus, Latham Ford as Peter, Mariela I`V as Shelly, Eric Jackson as Marcus Lewis, Lakrishi Kindred as Mrs. Lewis, J. Kristopher as Mr. Lewis, R. Daniel Long as Bartender, Desmond Moore as Reggie, Justin R. Powell as Nate, Atreyu Rahman as Briggs, Jesse Scott Nelson as Party goer, Megan Slater as Sam, Alexia Sydnosis as Allie, Nefertiti Thomas as Jessica, Elena Villarreal as Veronica (as Elena Villerreal), Leonardo Vincent as Jonas Newton, Adam Weight as The Clown Statue, Ginny You as Nerdy Girl Cassie
Run Time : USA:91 min
Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Four stories that are to a higher degree effortlessly myths or fairy tales; these are urban legends along furthermore endings that are aloof from happy…
Four stories that are more competently myths or fairy tales; these are urban legends as well as endings that are aloof from happy. "The Clown Statue" as well as Jasmine a college freshman stressed to class ends link up finds no enjoyable inside babysitting. "Kidney Jacking" where Misti an commonplace nine to five administrative center partner has the foulest Friday as soon as she finds her boyfriend doing the unthinkable. In "Bloody Mary" six mid-twenties friends converge for the cause that a welcoming get lodge of together, other than this pleasant group turns into an revolting mess! The fourth account "The Man, The Myth, The Legend" follows two college roommates, Nate plus Vince. Vince who happens to troth a actual women folk man, perform to a frat party.

Book of 1000 Deaths (2012)
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