Blood for Irina (2012)

Director : Chris Alexander
Genre : Horror
Cast : Shauna Henry as Irina, Carrie Gemmell as Pink, David Goodfellow, Andre Becker, Jason Tannis, Mark Goodfellow Brenden Crowells
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
Irina is dying. A predator who stalks procedures in the dark yearning given that blood, she has lived way over a century; full of memory…
Irina is dying. A predator who stalks methods at nighttime longing since blood, she has lived excess of a century; littered with memory, alive inside a run-down motel by the sea, Irina has ended unsleeping at the end. Her understandings skewed, her body with intellect outrageous hostile themselves, she waits since an exit. Her inner most hell is echoed by the motel manager, driven by an preoccupation to protect Irina with hold her secrets safe, with a infringed prostitute whose fraught bad way may possibly troth more regretful than Irina`s. It`s the account of three people in general alive a vitality on the fringe, wedged inside universe of accurate with figurative decay.