Bachao – Inside Bhoot Hai… (2010)

Director : Shyam Ramsay
Genre : Horror
Cast : Aniruddh Agarwal, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Anisshka, Amit Behl, Chottu Dada, Dinesh Hingoo, Rubina Huddin, Shakti Kapoor, Ajaz Khan, Rufy Khan, Karron Mallik, Guddi Maruti, Laila Nabeel, Megha Narkar, Surendra Pal, Pappu Polyster, Sanjay Ramnani, Tiku Talsania Directed by Shyam Ramsay Gul Achhra as. producer Original Music by Bappi Lahiri Cinematography by Gangu Ramsay Sajjad Fateh Production CompaniesG. K. Solutions Country : India Language : Hindi Color : Color Certification:India:A Company : G. K. Solutions
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Rumours express that a each year collaborate with many body was slayed at Blue Roof Guest House. After that occasion citizenry have faith in that the caller House is haunted in addition to spooky.
Rumours proclaim that a per annum be of deal to diverse body was wiped out at Blue Roof Guest House. After that occasion individuals imaginary that, the sightseer House was haunted with spooky. The sightseer quarters Manager Waghmare (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) is certain that this sightseer quarters is a den of sniggering ghosts with lurking spirits. Sahil with Rakesh are paramount friends with are jaded with unfulfilled struggling their fortune inside bollywood. Sahil needs to change into a celebrated person behind little bit Rakesh believes that he has it inside him to engagement Bollywood`s overshadow director. Anu is Sahil`s spouse with is eager to marry him hence they go away with picture financer, Mungi lal (Tiku Talsania), who is a jeweler. Mungi Lal has a appealing other than stupid female child Sakshi who has regularly sought after to engagement a picture star. Anu arranges an appointment between Sakshi with Rakesh who influence her to change into the producer of a motion picture that Rakesh will advise with Sahil will write. And hence the whole casing comes to Blue Roof sightseer quarters to interject an valid terror motion picture since Sakshi. However Waghmare doesn`t fall in one another permission to interject there for he says this sightseer is a nest of ghosts who will not allow one another interject inside peace. While adding begins inside jam-packed readjustment steadily Waghmare`s warnings appearance imminent true.

Bachao – Inside Bhoot Hai… (2010)
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