Adam & Evil (2004)

Director : Andrew Van Slee
Genre : Horror
Cast : Sean Arnfinson as Adam, Lynsey Brothers as Yvette, Erica Cerra as Yvonne, James Clayton as Shane (as Clayton Champagne), Jeffrey Fisher as Clint, Jodie Graham as Earl, Brody Harms as Matt, Barbara Kottmeier as Evelyn, Terran Orletsky as Rob, Tiffany Paterson as Rachel (as Tiffany Patterson), Richard Patterson as Billy, Kevin Robson as Seth, Shane Twerdun as Dave, Allison Warnyca as Maureen, Vanessa Van Slee as Daughter, Sandra Steier as Mother (as Sandy Steier), Dave Barton as Father, Elle Mortis as Marge
Plot : A array of in one’s prime expensive variety graduates are geared up as a weekend of grave having a extreme time at a foreign camp ground. Soon a murderer is on the loose…
Run Time : Canada:90 min
Country : USA
Company : Extraordinary Films Ltd.

Adam & Evil (2004)
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